30Days of World Building – Day 2: The Physical Planet

10 Plot devices related to weather:

1. Storm during travel by sea – near death experience bonding, shipwrecked, killing off a few characters, stopping ships sailing for a battle, hiding ship that is being followed by other ship.

2. Sudden snow storm/blizzard – holed up in a cave, opportunities for one on ones, secrets coming out, nursing someone back to health. Getting lost, getting ambushed, avoid ambush and slip away from enemies.

3. Heavy rain – creates a depressing mood where secrets are confessed, making a river bigger so it cannot be forded, flood an area, make some one ill form being soaked, create a cosy homey atmosphere.

4. Very hot – no food, no drink causes irritation dissent. also hallucinations

5. Draught – set’s off the hero’s journey, family needs money, food etc so he goes off to find it.

6. Fog – good for getting lost or hiding from the enemy

7. The changing seasons (not technically type of weather) – if a journey needs to be undertaken then changing seasons puts a time pressure on it, there might be places they cannot get pas in the winter for example or rivers impossible to cross during the spring floods.

8. Hot and humid – losing patience with the cause/journey, beig fed up with each other

9. Thunder storms – hero encounters a primitive people who worship the God of Thunder etc. they try to kill him but when it start thundering think he is their God instead.

10. Floods – make the hero’s party split up, lose a character in the flood waters and everyone thinks their dead only for them to turn up again later.


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