Last years NaNo

I thought I should tell you about my 2006 NaNo experience, it would be an excellent lead-in to this year, don’t you think?
As you can see from my icon, I was a winner in 2006. My end word count was 53507, however I very nearly did not get it validated due to stupid PC trouble. This year however I have anticipated it all and we’re getting internet on Wednesday, 10 weeks before NaNo starts (well you can never be to organisted).
BTW if you want to add me as buddy on NaNoWriMo my username is LXandraS 🙂
My story was called Salamanca, and was mainly set just after the battle of Salamanca in 1812.
It is a Regncy Romance where the couple met and feel madly in love just before the MMC went off to war, several years later he is sent back to England, injured both in both and spirit.

I’m gonna post the two main character descriptions, f0r a better explaination of the story. It is still unfinished, in fact I haven’t touched it since 30/11/06. However I’ve started looking over iyt recently and adding to it 🙂 Once it is finished it will be posted but i cannot say how long that will be till.


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