Going back to study

After a few years pause I have now decided it’s time to go back to uni and actually come away from it with a degree. I’m sure my esteemed parents would prefer me to continue my journalism course, but there was a reason I dropped it in the first place. As much as I love writing (and believe me I DO love writing), the profession was just not for me. I admire everyone on my course who finished and went on to work in the industry, or are looking to work in the industry. While I loved the writing and the researching, I must admit that I’m not pushy enough to be a journalist, nor am I social enough.
While I write brilliant (if I say so myself) essays, good articles written up from assignments, the hardest part on my course, for me, was to go and interview people. I’m just not outgoing enough, a flaw I’ll willingly admit to.
I can be funny, social and engaging within my own sphere of acquaintances, but out of my comfort zone I know I have little to recommend me. People who judge on first encounter will not really get to know me, sad for them of course 🙂
The reason for this ramble is that I feel I need to explain why I’m not going back to my old course, most people don’t care of course, but those who do deserve an explanation.
I know must people who know me will agree with this statement, I have a more scholarly suited mind. Which is why I am doing a BA(Hons) in Literature. I’m gonna study with the Open University, so that I can still work while doing it. I wanted to just do a course in creative writing at first, but then reading into it I decided to take courses which in the end would get me a Literature BA(Hons), which in turn should help me more with my writing and hopefully getting a job in publishing. So my first course will be Introduction to Humanities , because I have had a few years now without study so i might as well the do the introductory one. Besides, it’s got nine assignments on it so I’ll get to do loads of essays (yes I am a little geeky, surely that is no surprise).
Other than that I know I will do Creative Writing, Approaching Literature and The 19th Century Novel , which will give me 240 point, I only need another 120 points which is two more courses, currently it is between From Enlightenment to Romanticism, Shakespeare: text and performance and The Twentieth-century Novel: Texts and Debates .
I really like the first one, and I’d like to do Shakespeare, but I’m not his biggest fan so not quite sure if I’ll enjoy it. On the other hand, I don’t particularly like modern literature, though 20th century isn’t really modern anymore is it? That particular module has Daphne Du Maurier, Virginia Woolf, Samuel Beckett, T.S Eliot, Bertolt Brecht, Katherine Mansfield and Anton Chekhov, which means it’s filled with both pretentious and classic novels that I’d read anyway. Well I don’t have to choose yet, and in the end I might do all three.
My first course starts in the end of September, and I’ll keep y’all updated 🙂


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