Moral Dilemma

Since moving 1 month and a half ago we have been far to busy to order internet from our provider, but finally last week I did it and in 5 days we will have broadband (and millions of tv channels) at our disposal.
I’m made up of course, after all back in my student years i used to sit up all night chatting to friend as I was getting my assignments in. It’s probably what I miss the most from way back when. Of course now that I’m in a full time job staying up till 5 am might be an issue, at least on work days, but I know I won’t be able to help myself. Nite time is really the best time for me!
However on to my moral issue, just after ordering the broadband I discovered one our neighbours have a wireless connection, and we can hitch a ride on their connection. Now to be fair it doesn’t cost them anymore and they do have the option of not having their connection open to whoever finds their signal. So my view is, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Is that right though? Maybe they have a download limit, and now we exceeded it for them, or maybe their connection is slower because we’re hitching with them.
But then again it’s only for another 5 days, and at least we arn’t some sexual deviants getting them into trouble. Right?!


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