The end of an era…

This week truly denotes the end of an era, but it will be with a lighter mood and heavier car load that we leave our home in West Derby, for a bigger and better one in Aintree 🙂
Oh sorry, did you think I was talking about Blair/Brown? Well I’ll admit their era was slightly longer than ours but not half as interesting I’ll wager. The Blair era which spanned 10 years, from Lady Di’s accident to the war on terror through CampbellGate and BlunkettGate1,2,3 etc ending with a soppy and sentimental PMQ (neither Sir Ming or slickster Cameron took Blair to task for the many mistakes he has made, instead they both waffled on about they respected him and so on and so forth).
But no, I obviously mean our house move planned for this weekend 🙂 The relief I will feel when we are finally out of that house, I cannot describe it. Our upstairs neighbours are without a doubt drug users. It is the only way I can explain their behaviour. We can go the whole week without actually hearing from them and then suddenly there will be really loud music and parties for a couple of day inevitably followed by shouting, crying and things being thrown out, increasingly it’s ended with one of the neighbours calling the police to put a stop to it. We have had a year of it now though and the landlord does absolutly nothing, or at least they never did. We haven’t actually heard anything from that flat for a fortnight, so either they have finally been evicted or they’ve killed each other. I don’t wanna sound horrible but I don’t actually care which one it is, if they are dead at least we’ll be long gone before it starts to smell.
My other reason for looking forward to this move is that we will finally get broadband, having lived in a non cable area for all to long a time I cannot wait for unlimited access to the internet. Once again I can get RMM mad and stay up all night chatting, read more on HG and DWG without neglecting work. Oh the joy

BTW this should have been posted Thursday, unfortunatly computer problems messed that up…


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