…as I am sure everyone is well aware, parts of England is currently experiencing sever flooding. As I’ve had some worried messages from friends and family I would just wanna let everyone know that here in Liverpool we are fine. We do have a lot of rain (if you were a Norwegian English teacher I’m sure you would be excited to be able to use the saying “It’s raining cats and dogs”), though looking out my window at work I can down actually see blue sky and I think that is the sun glaring at us (haven’t seen it for a few weeks so can’t be sure). We do have a lot of massive puddles but I don’t think I can really complaint about that, and I won’t, coz some many others are so much worse of.
I hope everyone will join me in hoping and praying that this weather will soon relent, and people will be able to return to their homes. And lets hope the insurers and the government is prompt and fair with paying out peoples claims. It’s bad enough that a lot of people have lost their possessions and had their homes completely wrecked without bureaucracy and red tape making it worse. Let’s see if our new government start as they mean to go on!


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