***IMPORTANT NEWS*** Not really :)

We are begetting a gerbil, well to gerbils to be honest. Though small animals have never been my favorites I have to admit myself very much in like with Helena’s little gerbils. They have been housed at the IL’s house for the past week, and they are so lively and fun to watch that I wanted some as well. Paulio was easily pursuaded as I think he missed Madame Bovary (the guinea pig) a lot when she died, though he does have silly notions about filling an aquarium with soil for them to burrow in (I’m all for them having a little fun, but honestly, I want pets so I can handle them every so often if they’ve been lying in much all day I just wouldn’t bother) I might get them a sand bath though as that is supposed to keep their coat nice and clean.
We’re going to get them on Saturday (so in a week), and we’re getting 2 males. The only other criteria I have is that they are differenet colours so I can tell them apart. I want call them Mr Darcy and Captain Wentworth, but I feel Paul would protest (I did suggest he could call them Fitzy and Freddy, but for some reason that did not appeal to my better half).
As soon as we have begot them I will put up some pictures of them, so you can all see how lovely they are (haven’t seen them myslef yet of course but have no doubt they will be cute). I figure if we can keep them alive for their normal life span we can graduate to getting a dog and then if that goes well we might actually be ready for a baba. So watch this spot (in ten year time)…


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