Monday, Bloody Monday…

I really hate working Mondays, it might sound like a cliche but it is so true. There are 4 more days until the weekend, and if your business is open over the weekend a pile of work has probably accumulated through Saturday and Sunday. This happens without fail every weekend.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though, I am off from Friday 4th of May at 5pm until Monday 14th of May 8am. That is going to be so nice 🙂 Though of course there will be a mountain of work waiting for me when I get back, but let’s not worry about that until I am in fact back.

Just to show you how much I HATE MondaysI made a list over the most annoying things about Mondays, so here goes:

1. Traffic is busier than the rest of the week making me late unless I leave home 1 hour 30 min before work (this should be a 30 minutes journey betw), don’t ask me why this is, but it does consistently happen every week.
2. 50 e-mails waiting labelled IMPORTANT, they so blatantly aren’t!
3. Rested bosses suddenly full of energy themselves demand every informations you can possible think of.
4. Something went wrong in the weekend, so your boss automatically comes over to you and looking sever and asking “How could you let that happen?” I WAS NOT THERE!!
5. The cantine has not yet received it’s delivery for the week so of course they do not have anything you would want for lunch (plain chicken sandwich how f***ing hard can it be).

At this point i relaised i was getting kind of over worked, it is after all only a day not unlike other days, and things will probably go wrong for other times in the week as well.

Thank f**k there is a yoga class tomorrow


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