Getting healthy

Yesterday I went back to the gym after months of absence, I’m so lazy it’s ridiculous.
Since I started working at arvato I have been sitting on my arse and eating crap food from vending machines because I haven’t got the time to go and buy a  proper lunch. It’s a lame excuse I know, because I could just bring my lunch from home.
So as a result I have piled on the pounds and I’m having a hell of a time shifting them again, not that I have made a committed effort until just recently though.

So what have I done? Well I’m trying to eat something in the morning, in the last 6 years I have rarely had breakfast because I just don’t feel hungry in the morning, but since everyone is harping on about it being the most important meal of the day I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. I tried eating yogurts because they go down quite easily, however English yogurts are not as nice as Norwegian ones ( I am seriously considering importing Go’ Morgen Skogsbær), I tried to make my own yogurts with natural yogurt and fresh berries in my smoothie maker and then add muesli, it was nice (not as nice as Tine’s) but just too much effort in the morning. So I discovered Cereal Bars!! There are so many different ones, but eventually I found my perfect match – NutriGrain Blueberry cereal bars (though cherry, mixed berry and apple are nice ones too). I try to eat one on my way to the bus and one when I get to work, I still haven’t been able to get the hang of sitting down and eating, but I have high hopes for the future.

My next problem with food is that I usually just ate junk, sweets, crisps, chips, bacon butties etc, and though my will power is not good enough to stay away from these foods completely I have cut down on them. I have not had chippy chips for months, just ones at home drained of oil/fat, and bacon butties or no longer a daily occurrence (once a week max!!), at work I no longer have multiple intakes of chocolate, though I do still eat more of it than I should. Instead I eat more fruit, we actually have a day at work where we give fruit out to everyone, so that is a great help 🙂

I still buy my lunch in town, I should really be preparing it at home but at the moment I’m not. I do try to eat healthily here though, jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad is my new favourite, along with just plain chicken sandwich with a little salad, no mayo, no butter, whole grain bread, so yummy. I have banned sweet drinks at work, I can have pure fruit juices or smoothies (love M&S smoothies), now I just need to ban sweet drinks at home as well since we drink too much of it in the evening. We are quite good with our no added sugar squash, but its the sodas that are just too addictive. I tried leaving them out completely for a month  and ended up drinking wine every evening instead, not good.

Then of course there is the gym, I have had my membership for a year now, but I have hardly been there. I have continued to pay for it because I know that if I had cancelled it I would never have gone back (it’s good to know yourself). So this week I took the plunge, went back and had a fitness test (pretty much non-existent), then I had an exercise schedule made for me. It is brilliant, I feel so motivated, my plan is to go at least 3 times a week for an hour each time, then when my fitness level increases I’ll up it. I feel so proud of myself and I’ll keep ya’all posted 🙂


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